If you’ve been using your storage shed exclusively to store your lawnmower, a few gardening tools, and a spare children’s bicycle, think again. Sheds can be used for much more than simple storage, so don’t let yours collect dust as there are plenty of ways to breathe new life into your underutilized space. 

Different Ways to Make Use of Your Old, Small Sheds

1. Storage Sheds Are Ideal for an Art Studio

Artists who are tired of using the kitchen table or the dining room table to create their masterpieces will love this idea. A shed with an unfinished ceiling can be used to create the perfect space for an art studio. 

It’s not in a highly visible area, so it can be left messy and cluttered without worry, which is one of the reasons artists prefer it over other work areas. Additional storage racks can be used to store art supplies and even finished artwork.

2. Storage Sheds as a Makeshift, Inspiring Home Office

An unused shed makes a great home office, which is ideal for anyone who works from home. If you don’t have an office space where you can spread out and make use of every available inch of space, turning your shed into one may be a great option.

A person can use the shed’s extra shelves and storage areas to store their paperwork, and everything can be kept neat. There are DIY shelving plans available for anyone who wants to add a little extra storage. With the right lighting, this space can be turned into a bright and comfortable workspace. 

3. Storage Sheds as Your Dog’s Mini Palace

If you love your dog to bits, but don’t have a backyard, consider transforming your unused shed into a dog palace. Dogs love having their own space to escape to, and a shed can easily accommodate this with the addition of a dog bed, water bowl, and bowls for food and treats.

A dog owner may need to keep their dog confined to the shed for their safety, but the dog will still feel like it has a space all its own. Add some flooring before you decorate the shed for your dog, so you don’t have to worry about the shed’s bare floor getting dirty and unappealing.

4. Storage Sheds as Your Kids’ Playground

If you have little ones that love to be active during the summer months, turning your shed into a playground for them is a great idea. Purchase a set of stairs that you can attach to one of the sides of the shed and put a ramp that leads up to the door.

Adding a slide, some climbing equipment, and balls to toss around the shed can keep kids entertained for hours. 

5. Storage Sheds as a Small, Chicken Coop

If you have a small yard, and you’d love to have some fresh eggs to eat, but don’t have room for a full-sized chicken coop, a mini storage shed can be turned into your poultry paradise. Purchase some pre-made chicken coop plans to build your custom coop.

Build a sturdy floor, place a roost over an area of the floor that’s not too close to the ground, and place your chickens inside the shed. The shed can be locked during the night to protect them from predators in your area. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring a Wide Range of Uses for Your Small Shed

If you’re worried about getting rid of your old storage shed, don’t be. There are plenty of ways to repurpose it and make it useful in your everyday life. A few DIY improvements can help you make the most of an otherwise unused, cluttered space.

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