Now that you’ve installed your new shed, how do you maintain its looks? Part of helping your shed last long is taking good care of it. Following are six simple pointers for doing it well.

  1. Choose quality over economy. If you want a shed that lasts long, make sure to buy one made of quality materials. You may pay more for it upfront, but in the end, it will last longer. The better the quality of the materials the less likely they are to break down over time. 
  2. Decorate around your shed. By decorating your shed with flowers or shrubs, your shed adds aesthetic value to your yard.
  3. Annually maintain your shed. Set aside some time every year to look over your shed and see if anything needs to be repaired or cleaned. Taking care of the little things makes sure you don’t face bigger problems down the road. 
  4. Fix up the exterior. Got a loose board that needs to be reinforced or some peeling paint that needs to be recoated? The exterior of your shed will naturally wear down over time. Fixing it up every now and then keeps it in tip-top shape for years to come. If you need touch-up paint, call Heritage and we’ll hook you up with some.
  5. Clean the interior. Mud and dirt inevitably build up over time. By regularly cleaning the interior of your shed you add years to its lifespan and prevent nasty smells.
  6. Add LuxGuard flooring. If you want to keep the floor of your shed from rotting plus make it more stable overall, think about adding LuxGuard flooring.  LuxGuard is a strong, rubber flooring with a fiberglass backing that protects the floor of your shed from leaks, chips, and strain from heavy equipment.
You finally have your shed in place. Now make sure it lasts long by maintaining it well. These easy-to-do pointers for maintaining your shed helps you keep your shed looking its best.
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One thought on “6 Simple Pointers for Helping Your Shed Look Its Best

  1. Thanks for explaining how bigger problems in sheds can be prevented with annual maintenance to clean, and repair everything. This is some great advice for my cousin because she just bought a home with a shed out back that she isn’t sure how to take care of. If she wants to take care of it she’ll probably need to get the proper tools to repair small things from the hardware store.

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