One of our most popular and best-selling outbuildings is a barn! Mini barns are an excellent way to add much-needed storage to your garden in rustic packaging. Most people will never have the opportunity (or need) to purchase a barn, but this sophisticated and beautiful shed gives you the aesthetic you want with all of the room you need.

5 Advantages of Barn Style Sheds

If you know you need dependable outdoor storage; our barn-style buildings provide terrific options and eye-catching designs! The following are the primary reasons why homeowners choose one of these barns:

Rustic Design: In a community where everyone has the same garden shed, here is your chance to separate with a distinct rustic flare. Everything about our barn-style sheds screams rural living, from the gambrel roof to the door type. One of the most appealing aspects of this shed construction is the ability to bring this rustic look into your garden.

Affordable Price – Barn-style sheds are an affordable and accessible way to add storage space and a rustic look to your yard. We work hard to bring you the best value possible, which is why you’ll find our barn sheds range in size from the smallest sheds to the largest. Whether you want the bare-bones basics or to add a little more character with extra windows and a full loft, you’ll be able to find the right size for you.

Weathertight & Long Lasting — These traits hold true for every single one of our different outdoor storage sheds. You can count on your new mini barn to last for decades out in the elements. On top of that, you can feel safe that your shed will be watertight enough to keep whatever you’re storing protected as well!

Customizable Design – Our barn-style sheds are so customizable that you can even choose your colors and finishes. You can even make the exterior of your barn shed to match the colors of your house or mix and match colors to create a unique style. When it comes to your barn-style shed, the sky’s the limit.

Great for the Family – Barn-style sheds are easy to use and even easier to enjoy. They make for great recreational areas for the kids or small party spaces for your next family gathering. Add a deck or a picnic table and chairs, and you’ve got a great gathering area for the whole family.

Considering a Barn-Style Shed? Choose Amish Quality

Our barn-style sheds offer a wide range of sizes and an equally wide range of prices. What sets these sheds apart are their Amish origins and Amish craftsmanship. You’ll find these sheds go above and beyond in quality, durability, and style.

Barn-style sheds offer a unique opportunity to make your yard stand out. They also offer unique opportunities to give your yard more space and make it more enjoyable. Let a barn-style shed be your next significant addition!

If you are looking for the perfect custom shed, you’re in the right place. Heritage Backyard offers custom-built and ready-made sheds, barns, garages, and more. Our main priority is to provide our customers with high-quality structures for various needs. We include you in the process to ensure that your shed comes out the way you want it. Contact us today to learn more or get a free quote online now!