Need a garden shed but don’t have lots of space in your backyard? An 8×12 footprint storage shed might be a great option for you.

You want to make sure this size shed will properly meet your needs. Nothing is worse than having a shed delivered only to find out several weeks or months later that you could’ve used a bigger one.

How Can I Be Sure an 8×12 Storage Shed Properly Meets My Needs?

First, create an 8×12 outline on your driveway with chalk or place pieces of wood or stones down on your lawn to mark the perimeter. Then take everything you plan to put in the shed and see if it fits in the box you created.

Portable cabins and cottages can also be used for commercial purposes. They include temporary offices at building sites, portable classrooms, and guard shacks.

Before marking this experiment a success, however, check the following:

  • Because of the width of the walls, you will not have exactly 96 square feet of space. Taking materials into consideration, you’re looking more like an 85-square-foot area.
  • Give yourself room to move around in the shed. You don’t want to pack it so tight that you can’t access anything.

Is It Possible to Increase Space Inside the Shed?

If it feels like it could end up being a tight fit but you don’t want to commit to a larger shed, Heritage Backyard sheds are fully customizable and come with a number of interior options to make the most out of your storage space.

  • First, a loft can give you an extra level of storage space along the roofline—up to 32 extra square feet! This is perfect for items that you may not need to reach all that often.
  • Second, a workbench can give you some extra space to work without having to take up garage or basement space.
  • Third, interior shelving can really add storage space for small items. This is the most popular option available. You can fit multiple rows of shelving on one wall.
  • Fourth, a wall that doesn’t have shelving can also be used to hold a pegboard to keep clutter on the floor or a workbench to a minimum.

Additional Upgrades

Once you’ve decided what size will work for you, you can add on the finishing touches. If you would like the shed to sit off the ground, we can add a ramp for easy access to roll things in and out. You can also choose a standard overhead door, an insulated single door, a double barn door, or a more stylish carriage-style overhead door.

You can also select between a metal or shingle roof in a number of colors and a nearly unlimited amount of siding colors to choose from. You can also upgrade your flooring to a seamless rubber floor that will protect from moisture and rotting.

Call Heritage Backyards Today!

You’ll be surprised by how much you can do in a small amount of space. The options we listed above are just a sample of everything we have to offer to give you a personalized shed that is both functional and stylish enough to add value to your home. Send us an email at or call (574)-230-8927 to speak with our experts.

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