A small storage shed is the perfect option for those wanting to improve their backyard and needing one more piece to pull everything together. This type of shed is affordable, has incredible features, and provides the storage you need for a few necessities. 

The Difference Between a Small
Storage Shed and a Large Storage Shed

People may define “small storage shed” differently, depending on what they are used to. Some might consider an 8×12 shed small. Others might consider it quite large. At Heritage Backyards, we offer our sheds in various sizes to accommodate everyone’s needs and feelings about size.
See some of our small storage sheds below:

The Benefits of a Small Storage Shed over a Large Storage Shed

Each shed size has its pros and cons, but the best option is a smaller storage shed. It’s quite easy for Heritage Backyards to place this particular type of shed in a tight space. There are fewer limitations to where you can place a small shed than there are for where you can place a large shed.
Cost varies between sheds. Smaller sheds are not as expensive as larger sheds. If cost is something you are concerned about, but need a shed with basic amenities, the former is best suited for your needs.

The Styles of Our Small Storage Sheds

It is important to find the shed size that best suits your needs, and our selection offers a variety of styles from which to choose. Some people want their sheds to match their home design, while others prefer a complementary style.
Heritage Backyards carries various styles and designs to ensure you can find the best small storage shed for your backyard. With all the options, it won’t be difficult to find one that meets your needs.
Be sure to match your needs with the right size of small storage shed before you buy. We’ll give you some pros and cons that may help you decide which small storage shed will work best for you below. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want our advice.
After you are decided on the style of your small storage shed, we will look at pricing for the shed you plan on purchasing. 

The Options of Our Small Storage Sheds

The more features you choose to include with your small storage shed, the more expensive your shed will be.  Typically, aesthetic options impact the exterior of the shed, and interior options help with the shed’s functionality.
Exterior Shed Options: Picking the right shed doors, windows, and lighting can be a fun part of purchasing your installation. Allowing you to fully customize whichever external features you would like on your small storage shed. Here are a few of Heritage Backyards Exterior upgrades:

  • Porch – Vinyl Rail & Pickets (specify 4′ or 6′)
  • Poly Ramp
  • Magnetic Door Stop
  • Solar Light

Interior Shed Options: You have the freedom to choose whatever storage option will meet your needs best with interior shed options. If you are looking for an area to store tools and a workstation, the small storage shed with shelves is the best choice. If you plan on storing a lot of items in your shed, then the loft would be ideal. Here are some of Heritage Backyards Interior options:

  • 2′ Deep Work Bench
  • 3 Tier Shelves 1′ Deep
  • Loft
  • Peg Board
  • Baseboard Heater
  • Air Conditioner

The Siding for Our Small Storage Sheds

Picking the siding for your shed that best fits your needs is crucial because the siding protects the structure from rain, snow, wind, and other strong weather elements. 
Vinyl siding is a popular choice because it takes little upkeep. Vinyl siding has a 4″ double Dutch lap, which ensures that your shed will last for many years.
After researching the exact size, style, siding, and options, you need to look at who will be building your small storage shed.

The Builders of Our Small Storage Shed

Finding the builder who will be constructing your small shed is simple; you can look online through others who have purchased a small shed locally or even driving by a lot. Whoever you decide to go with, make sure the builder is known and trusted in the area. Checking reviews is a valuable tool that consumers can use to determine a company’s honesty and business with people.

Heritage Backyards

Calvin Schlabach knew from the very beginning that he wanted to change the game. He wasn’t happy with how far many shed retailers had gone down the path toward impersonality, treating customers only as potential purchases. So Calvin resolved to create an experience where he could interact with customers and give them a truly personal interaction – even up until they left his store and went back home.
It was also Calvin’s goal to build sheds the right way. This meant not cutting corners and using only the best quality materials during construction. This dedication to quality still shows today in Heritage Backyards sheds’ proprietary material, LuxGuard, as well as Techshield radiant-barrier panels, and the sturdiest wood floors in the industry. All of these improvements mean a superior product on completion.
Heritage Backyards can provide a better quality shed because we build them ourselves. We also offer short lead times and easy customization on any of our structures.

Get Started on Your Small Storage Shed

We hope this helped you decide which small storage shed is right for you. Owning a small storage shed includes many benefits, such as storage space, aesthetics, and increasing your home value. There is no reason not to consider owning a small shed for your home.
If you are looking into owning a storage shed but require assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Heritage Backyards by email at email@heritgebackyards.com or by phone at (574)-230-8927 ; we look forward to hearing from you!


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