The experience you deserve

It started as a growing concern within Calvin Schlabach that people buying sheds want to be taken care of. Shed businesses often focus on efficiently producing and selling a high volume of sheds. Calvin desired to work directly with his customers as the builder and give them the experience they deserved.

The quality you need

Calvin also wanted to build quality structures. Along with refusing to cut corners, Calvin decided to only use the best quality materials. It’s from this dedication to the highest quality materials that led to Heritage sheds’ proprietary material, LuxGuard, as well as Techshield radient barrier, and the stiffest wood floors in the industry. This allows Heritage to create a better quality end product.
Heritage can ensure the best quality in our sheds because we build each shed ourselves. Not only can we ensure the best quality because we build the sheds ourselves, but we can also give you short lead times and easy personalizations to any of our structures. 
Quality materials

The commitment you didn’t expect

Too often, written warranties protect the company more than the customer. We commit to giving you fair treatment. This commitment has led to a growing clientele and ten employees. We look forward to being able to give you the customer experience you deserve.