The COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s thinking on vacations. Recreational vehicle (RV) sales, for instance, have soared since the summer of 2020, and the trend has continued into the 2021 travel season—RV manufacturers are trying to keep up with the demand, as 25% more units shipped in June 2021 than the same month a year ago.

But like any other vehicle, RVs have maintenance and registration costs. There, however, is an alternative to enjoy the great outdoors; did you know you can take your comfort to the next level by investing in a portable cabin or cottage?

What Is a Portable Cabin?

A portable cabin is a shed taken to the extreme. Packing all of the creature comforts in no more than 900 square feet of space, you can use a portable cabin as a vacation home in the great outdoors or an office in the backyard for the work-from-home crowd. They can be equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and relaxation spaces.

Portable cabins and cottages can also be used for commercial purposes. They include temporary offices at building sites, portable classrooms, and guard shacks.

What Are the Advantages of Portable Cabins over a Permanent Structure?

In addition to the name (portability!), portable cabins are also more affordable than creating a permanent structure, mainly by avoiding to have to set a foundation. The time it takes to prefabricate a cabin is also a fraction of how long it takes to create a permanent building. Since time is money, you can see how going the portable route can be much more economical to you.

And you’re not sacrificing any amenities by going portable either. Heritage Backyards cabins and cottages come with a full electrical hookup, air conditioning, and baseboard heating. You can choose the siding color from a variety of options and then either go with a metal or shingle roof. Floors and walls can be fully insulated as well. You can choose a variety of indoor options as well, including partition walls and linoleum flooring.

There are even options to make the portable cabin work for you—many enjoy their cabins on vacations, and when they’re not being used, they can be rented to other travelers so they can enjoy a unique experience, too.

Our design team will help you out every step of the way to create the cabin you’re looking for. We then build and deliver it, so it’s an entirely hassle-free process for you and your family! If you’re looking to get started or just have further questions, call us at (574) 230-8927 or drop us an email at

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